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How to Join a CWDO Online Event

Here are the instructions for entering CWDO Accessible Conferencing Auditorium 1:

First time? Please log on 30 minutes ahead of time to allow time for troubleshooting.

  1. Go to Link: Auditorium 1.
  2. Choose "Click here to enter the room."
  3. Enter your name and location, for example, Pat Seed in Thunder Bay.
  4. Leave the password field blank.
  5. Launch the application.

Depending on whether you use a Mac, Android or PC, you may need some of the following information:

Note: CWDO Accessible Internet Conferencing is provided by Talking Communities.
The Help page for Windows PC, IDevices, and Android devices can be seen at:  

Talking and Texting:
* In order to talk, press the control key and hold it down, begin to talk. When you are finished talking, continue to hold the control key down for a second, and then please let go of the control key so that others can talk.
Alternatively, you may have a (talk) button or can click on the microphone. You may need to release your talk button or microphone in order for others to talk.
(Only one person can talk at a time.)
* Using a headset is best. However, you can use a microphone and listen through your computer speakers.
If you do not have a headset or microphone, or your headset or microphone seems not to be working, you may send text messages in the small space on the screen.
You can type your complete message on the screen, (the text wraps around), ending with the letters GA which means for others to (go ahead) and have their turn to speak or text. We will see the message and respond to you.
* Note: Please do not text while other people are speaking, and please do not speak while other people are texting.
We look forward to your participation.
Pat Seed
Chairperson Citizens With Disabilities Ontario (CWDO)
Phone: (807) 473-0909



Updated August 1, 2016