court rules against blind father

court rules against blind father Global News, February 25, 2011. Court rules blind father cannot take son to DisneylandAn Edmonton man hopes he is one step closer to taking a dream vacation with his son. Karim Lakhani is legally blind. He has 50% custody of his son, and his dream is to take the 10-year-old to Disneyland. The trip was planned for last July, but Karim's ex-wife expressed concerns about her son's safety and took the case to family court. The judge decided that in the best interest of the child, the family vacation could only happen if someone of sight accompanied them. The father has been trying to appeal the decision ever since. Many Global viewers came forward after hearing the story, offering to accompany the pair to Disneyland so they could make the trip. On February 15th, Karim went back to court and achieved a small victory. He gained permission to take his son to Vancouver to visit his sister. "I just have to make sure I give them the details of where I am going to stay and who is picking me up. It's not Disneyland but it's a step towards it maybe" Karim hopes the upcoming trip will prove that he is suitable to travel alone with his son...not just to Vancouver, but elsewhere, including Disneyland. He will continue to fight until he achieves his goal of taking his son on their dream trip. Copyright CW Media Inc.