While in University, Sousan began advocating for increased accessibility on campus for students with disabilities. She formed a union for students with disabilities and facilitated opportunities for students to meet with faculty and administrators to secure sign language and special tutorial services for deaf students as well as negotiating wheelchair accessibility around campus. Sousan received her Bachelors in Psychology in 1987.



Later, she served on the Board of Directors of Aldebrain Attendant Care Services of Toronto and participated in negotiations with the Ontario Ministry of Housing to secure funding for construction of an apartment building with wheelchair accessible units designed by people in wheelchairs. Sousan met with the Minister of Health to discuss funding the project for attendant care services. Securing funding for supportive housing allowed many people with disabilities who were waiting in hospitals and other institutions to live in their own home, reunite with their families, and gain independence in the community.



Sousan has served on the board of directors of The Canadian Cancer Society as Chair of The Health Promotion Committee, which creates awareness on cancer prevention through healthier lifestyles. She organized a breast cancer forum to raise public awareness and fundraise. Sousan has served on many panels at events organized by her employer, Toronto Dominion Canada Trust to raise awareness for employers from many private sectors to explain the economic advantages in hiring more persons with disabilities.



Sousan served on the CWDO board from June 2012 - December 2015 including Vice-Chairperson 2014-15.