Attendant Services

Under attendant services, we are working on these things:

  1. Legislation to protect the rights, dignity and autonomy of persons with disabilities who require attendant services.  Our proposed bill is called the Consumers Attendant Support Services Protection Act.  Read CWDO’s Letter of Support by clicking this link.   Action to date:
  1. Reducing the waiting list for the Direct Funding program.  Currently, new people are being told there will be a wait of at least four years (yes, YEARS!) before they can be interviewed for this program.  Once accepted, it may take another two years before funding flows.  Nearly 400 people throughout Ontario are waiting for this under-funded, high demand program.  Action must be taken to reduce the waiting list.
  2. A Webinar Presentation on how to improve attendant services through effective communications.  Please send your tips, advice and experiences to the Chair, Tracy Odell




With more member involvement, we could do more!

Our Committees always welcome new members who share CWDO’s mission and values. We meet as needed, using the IDEAL online conferencing system.

To join this Committee and to find out the next meeting date, please contact the Committee Chair.   You must first be a member of CWDO to join a committee, and have the Chair’s approval. 

If you are new, you will need to complete and send us a Membership Form.

Please review our IDEAL Conference® instructions to find out how to participate on a Committee.



Updated February 21, 2015