Accessible Clothing and Fashion

Is it hard to find clothes that fit properly?  That work for you?  That are also stylish and let you look your best?  How closely is self-esteem tied to what we wear?  Help us explore and share advice about clothing with fit, function and flair!

  1. Research - Into and Out of the Closet: Discovering the Lifeworlds of Disabled Women through their Clothing Dr. Kathryn Church, Principal Investigator. Ryerson University is undertaking a fascinating study of women with disabilities and clothing. "Whether in Body, Dress, Disability or Women’s Studies, never before have researchers engaged disabled women in conversation about the social significance of their clothing." Read more on-line. 
  2. Izzy Camilleri Adaptable Clothing - Izzy Camilleri designs and produces "new and revolutionary clothing for a seated clientele." She has a line of adapted clothing which can be viewed on her website, and she has the skill and training to draft designs and sew custom made clothes.  This line will appeal to persons with disabilities who seek a professional, fashionable look. Her site features demo videos to show how easily the clothes go on and off and work around wheelchair hardware.
  3. Epiphany Designs - Epiphany Design's products provide solutions to the day-to-day challenges of life and leisure for persons with mobility disabilities. Their clothing is functional and effective, bringing new options to people's lives, colourfully and stylishly.