CWDO hosted a cross-Canada webinar on assisted suicide on April 26, 2015, moderated by Michele Gardner, CWDO



Summary:  Scott Allardyce provided an Ontario perspective and the current position of Citizens With Disabilities Ontario.  Amy Hasbrouck, presented a global overview.  Jim Derksen gave us the Canadian context, and Catherine Frazee, spoke about the vulnerability of people with disabilities and critical factors for resilience.



Real-time captioning provided by the Council of Canadians with Disabilities (Thank you, CCD!)

  • Presentation by Scott Allardyce, CWDO and Founder, Canadian Disability Alliance
    • Refer to transcript pages 8-18
  • Presentation by Amy Hasbrouck, Founder and Director of Toujours Vivant/Not Dead Yet, a project of CCD
    • Refer also to transcript pages 18 - 31

    Presentation: Jim Derksen, CCD, Advocate, Canadian disabilities movement on life-and-death issues

    • Refer to transcript pages 31 - 40

    Presentation: Catherine Frazee, former Chief Commissioner, Ontario Human Rights Commission

    • Refer to transcript pages 41 - 52

    Discussion: Refer to transcript pages 52-94