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Citizens With Disabilities – Ontario (CWDO) is committed to the rights of all persons to participate fully in the civil, cultural, economic, political and social life of their communities.

Code of Ethics

Citizens With Disabilities – Ontario “Together We Are Stronger”

Code of Ethics

This Code of Ethics embodies standards of behavior for members, the Board, and the Executive in relationship to each other, persons with disabilities, and the general community. In adhering to the Code, we must view our obligations in as wide a context as the situation requires, take all the principles into consideration and select a course of action consistent with the Code’s spirit and intent.

As a member of CWD-O, I agree to conduct my relationships in accord with the Code of Ethics and I subscribe to the following statements:

1. I regard as primary my obligation to the continuity, well-being, survival, and welfare of the community of persons with disabilities. This obligation imposes upon me the necessity of working to improve social conditions, to enhance the quality of life, to strengthen and ensure the survival of persons with disabilities.


2. Within my capability, I will contribute my knowledge, skills, and support to programs of building and improving the human welfare of persons with disabilities.


3. I will hold myself responsible for the quality of service I perform for CWD-O.


4. I accept responsibility, within reasonable limits, for helping to protect persons with disabilities against unethical practices by any individuals or organizations involved in service to people with disabilities.


5. I will distinguish clearly, in public, between my statements and actions as an individual and as a representative of CWD-O.


6. I will respect the confidentiality, viewpoints and privacy of persons serving in CWD-O and of volunteer associates and colleagues. I will act upon all information gathered in a responsible and disciplined manner.


7. I will treat with respect the decisions, views, and actions of the Board and the Executive.


8. I will work to prevent and eliminate all forms of discrimination against persons with disabilities.


9. I accept the responsibility for working toward the creation and maintenance of an environment within CWD-O, which will encourage volunteers and staff to conduct themselves in keeping with the Code of Ethics.


As a member of the Board I will also:


1. Keep confidential information confidential.


2. Respect and support the majority decisions of the Board.


3. Prepare for meetings in advance by reading the materials provided and considering the issues likely to be raised.


4. Approach all Board issues with an open mind; prepared to make the best decisions for everyone involved.


5. Act responsibly to maintain the trust given to me by those whom we serve.


6. Exercise my vote in all CWD-O meetings, and represent CWD-O responsibly at all extra organizational functions.


7. Consider myself a “trustee” of CWD-O; a not-for-profit organization, and do my best to ensure that it is well maintained and financially secure; growing and always operating in the best interests of those whom we serve.


Approved by the Board of Directors February 21, 2008

Revised by the Board of Directors May 29, 2008