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Citizens With Disabilities – Ontario (CWDO) is committed to the rights of all persons to participate fully in the civil, cultural, economic, political and social life of their communities.

Technical Resources Committee (TEC)

Activities Update


Chair:  Terrance Green   

CWDO made both oral and written submissions to the CRTC respecting bringing down barriers to persons with disabilities in all aspects of telecommunications. It remains our position that radio, television, telephones as well as the internet must be accessible in terms of access to the same information regardless of an individual’s disability. Changes are being made and CWDO is assisting in consultations, webinars to create awareness and to inform persons with disabilities of the ways and means of accessing the information being broadcast regardless of the form of broadcast. There is a great deal of work to be done, but currently we are:  Our current focus is on:

  1. The CRTC have authorized broadcasters to withdraw and spend a portion of the multi-million dollar fund reserved to establish access in the telecommunications industry for persons with disabilities. CWDO have been asked to participate in the consultation initiatives. We intend on expressing your voice. Check out the broadcast industry’s consultation initiative document and provide us your feedback regarding what your priorities are. Click here to link to the CRTC's consultation documents.

  2.  Expanding and enhancing the content on the CWDO website. 

  3. CWDO Webinars.  We are always interested in ideas as to how we can get the word out regarding new technology that will make a difference in the lives of persons with disabilities, educate people on the issues of persons with disabilities and on how barriers can be removed and/or reduced, create awareness of how a person with a disability can protect themselves, their health, their interests and limit their disability by enhancing their functionality. TEC manages the CWDO webinar program and finds sponsors for webinars that are intended to meet the vision and mission of CWDO. 

    Join our Webinar on Cell Phone Applications on Friday, June 26th, 2009. 

    Click here for the list of questions the presenter, Jeff Stark, will address.
    Click here to register for the Cell Phone Applications Webinar.

 Please send your tips, advice and experiences to the Chair, Terrance Green

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