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Citizens With Disabilities - Ontario
Citizens With Disabilities - Ontario

September 13, 2009
Accessibility Standards Committee

Minutes and Notice of Next Meeting Dates

Sousan Zaribaf (ASC Chair), Toronto
Tracy Odell (Scarborough)
Terrance Green (Ottawa)
Pat Seed (Thunder Bay)
Jeffrey Stark (Kanata)  for email or google chat or msn and for twitter
Brian Moore (Hamilton),
James Hunsberger (Waterloo)
Ann Martindale (Toronto)


  1. Strategy for CWDO's upcoming "Town Hall" meeting with Charles Beer
a.    Have a short and simple registration form to register for room, name, address, email, accommodations needed, etc. - Tracy will set this up (Tracy created it after the meeting.  Link is
b.    Let people know drop-ins are also welcome if they forget to register.
c.    Keep the survey as a standalone. Link is
d.    Plan sequence of discussion flowing from themes raised in the survey
e.    Send emails with a calendar notification so that people have more than one reminder
f.    Let people know there will be help tutorials

2.    Survey to members to gather questions and comments
a.    Has been distributed through our email blasts
b.    Only 3 people have responded to date

3.    Ideas for getting a strong turnout for the meeting
a.    Personal contact - phone, email members after next Wednesday
b.    Use Facebook, Twitter to share info - would be worthwhile for CWDO to have a Facebook and Twitter account.  Jeff will set this up for us; Brian can help us with this as well and is happy to phone people; can schedule events through Facebook too (Ann will schedule it)
c.    We should phone members of this committee first; Tracy can make a list of who could phone who.

4.    AODA messages are coming through the system and we should distribute them to members - people on this committee and our board members.  Pat could forward to this finite number of people.  She is not fully trained in constant contact yet.  Might be duplicating for some people, but no disadvantage to that.  With more info, could engage people.  

5.    Next meetings  

a.    Sunday, September 27th at 1 pm in IDEAL Room 10.  
b.    Sunday, October 4th  at 1 pm in IDEAL Room 10.  
c.    Sunday, October 18th at 1 pm in IDEAL Room 10.  

Pat will include meeting times in her email blasts.  
Tracy to email members with notes and meeting dates.  

Accessibility Feedback for IDEAL system - could have better features for users e.g. to control text colours in private chat.

How to Participate

To join in, go to

Follow the steps to download the latest version of the free conference utility. 
  • Option 1 is for a PC. 
  • Option 2 is for a MAC. 
  1. After you finish downloading, scroll down until Room 10 appears. 
  2. Sign in with your name and city e.g. Sousan Zaribaf in Scarborough.
  3. Leave the password area blank.
  4. Click login and you are in!

If you are new to IDEAL, book a free tutorial with Pat Seed at  Pat will cheerfully and patiently guide you step by step.  We were all new at this once!

Thank you, and hope to see you at future meetings.

Sousan Zaribaf
Chair, Accessibility Standards Committee
Citizens With Disabilities - Ontario
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