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Subject: Call to Engage CWDO Members: URGENT Developments - August 6, 2009
Citizens With Disabilities - Ontario
Call to Engage CWDO Members: Urgent Developments - September 7, 2009
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AODA Consultation with Charles Beer
Customer Service Survey
Call for Submissions: NEADS Science and Technology Project
Update: UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
Citizens With Disabilities - Ontario (CWDO) actively promotes the rights, freedoms and responsibilities of persons with disabilities through community development, social action, and member support and referral.  Our primary activity is public education and awareness about the social and physical barriers that prevent the full inclusion of persons with disabilities in Ontario.

CWDO is proud to be Ontario's representative at the Council of Canadians with Disabilities since June, 2009.

AODA Consultation with Charles Beer
Dear CWDO Members,
The provincial government has hired Charles Beer to do an independent review of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA).  The AODA calls for a review of itself every 5 years. 

CWDO has invited Charles Beer to meet with our members on-line.  This will give CWDO members all across Ontario a chance to participate in the consultation.  (Before CWDO offered this on-line meeting with our members, only those living in Ottawa, Sudbury or Toronto would have had a chance to participate in the consultation directly.)

Mr. Beer has accepted! 
Time: 7 pm to 9 pm (Toronto time)
Place: IDEAL Auditorium 1 (Click here to connect)

We are asking for any of our members who care about the AODA and accessibility standards to log on for this meeting.  A good turnout will show that we care about this legislation, and do not want things to be slowed down or cancelled.

Our rights may be in the balance.  There has already been a lot of media reports talking about how hard it will be for businesses and municipalities to follow the standards.  If we are not seen to be united in our desire to keep moving toward a fully accessible province, we may lose much of the ground we have gained.  TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER.  This is a time to show our strength.

To help us plan the meeting agenda, we have made up a short survey to collect our members' questions and comments for Mr. Beer.  Click here to access the survey.

You may be asked if you can raise your own questions and comments if you attend the online meeting.  But if you cannot come, we will still try to raise them on your behalf.

Your attendance is vital to achieving our goal to raise public
education and awareness about the social and physical barriers that prevent the full inclusion of persons with disabilities in Ontario. 

Your input right now is badly needed.  Please plan to attend and please do the short survey.

Thank you,

Terrance Green, Chairperson

Customer Service Survey
Help change business practices toward people with disabilities!

Many people with disabilities face challenges when trying to access everyday goods and services.

Ensuring accessible quality customer service to all is becoming a business and legal imperative.

PSN - Performance Solutions Network and LLR & associates are seeking your opinions. They want to understand the major barriers and issues you experience when attempting to access every day goods and services and quality customer service. They also are seeking your ideas and suggestions on what can be done to make your customer service experiences better.

They want to represent the issues most important to people with disabilities.Your experiences and ideas are important!!

They are conducting a Customer Service Survey to help ensure they have a clear understanding of the issues most important to you. The results of the survey and your ideas, suggestions and concerns will be included in a report. This report will be used to inform businesses, organizations and government on how to potentially improve accessibility to their goods and services and how to enhance their Customer Service to ALL.

Have your say!

For your copy of the Customer Service Survey in accessible and fillable WORD and PDF formats or to complete the survey online go to or call us at 416-855-7500.

Help change business practices toward people with disabilities! 
Call for Submissions: NEADS Science and Technology Project
Consultants for the National Education Association of Disabled Students (NEADS) are working on the a project called, "Enhancing Opportunities for Post-Secondary Students and Graduates with Disabilities in Science and Technology Related Fields."

The goal of this project, funded by the Imperial Oil Foundation, is to contribute to the inclusion of students with disabilities in
science and technology-related programs and employment. NEADS is developing a guidebook for persons with disabilities to provide them with the tools and resources to succeed in science and technology fields of study and careers after graduation.

NEADS is currently requesting submissions of information on programs, relevant organizations, mentorship or internship initiatives and/or relevant articles pertaining to individuals with
disabilities in the science and technology sectors to include in the guide. They will publish original articles and content that has been previously published, with proper attribution and credit to the author and source.

Additionally, if you are within this field (for example: student, employee, employer, service provider) and would like to share your experience and be interviewed for the guidebook please contact the consultants.

All submissions and enquiries should be sent by email to: or  or
Phone: (613) 380-8065 ext. 205 or (613) 380-8065 ext. 207

If you'd like further information on the project, a more detailed description of our science and technology initiative is available on the NEADS website:

Update: UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
For an update on the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, check out the DPI Disability Convention Daily.

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