Citizens With Disabilities - Ontario
Citizens With Disabilities - Ontario
Members' Update
June 24, 2009
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Friday's Webinar
Meet CWDO's Board of Directors
Winner of the Draw for Our Members' Survey
Recipient of CWDO's 2009 Partnership Award
Abilities Arts Festival - Call for Submissions and CWDO's Upcoming Webinars
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Citizens With Disabilities - Ontario (CWDO) actively promotes the rights, freedoms and responsibilities of persons with disabilities through community development, social action, and member support and referral.  Our primary activity is public education and awareness about the social and physical barriers that prevent the full inclusion of persons with disabilities in Ontario.
Remember Friday's Webinar
June 26 at 7:30 pm EDT, IDEAL Auditorium 1

Click here to access the IDEAL Conference Centre.

Cell Phone Applications - June 26th, 7:30 pm EDT.

Presenter: Jeff Stark

What is a "smart phone" and can I use it? What applications of a cell phone best suit my needs? If my service provider does not have the phone I need, can I purchase it and use it anyway? Do cell phones work with my disability? Can I use "video relay" with any cell phone and any service provider? Presenter Jeff Stark will answer these questions, and many more. For more details, go to the Technology Resource Committee website, and click on update on our activities

Click here to register for the Cell Phone webinar.

At the 3rd Annual General Meeting held June 11, 2009, the following new board members were elected:
  • Sara Jarvis (Ottawa)
  • Bill Goursky (Region of Peel/GTA)
  • Ann Martindale (Hamilton)
  • Marlene Thomas-Osbourne (Hamilton)
  • Susan Zaribaf (Toronto)
Below is a list of all our board members.  Biographies of all our board members are posted on-line as information is made available.  Click here for board member bios.

  • Terrance Green (Ottawa)
  • Pat Seed (Thunder Bay)
  • Tracy Odell (Toronto)
  • Melissa Graham (London)
  • Christine Kelly (Ottawa)
  • Terrie Meehan (Ottawa)
  • Marlene Thomas-Osbourne (Hamilton)

  • Lisa Demacio (Richmond Hill)
  • Jerry Ford (Eastern Ontario)
  • Cindy Gorlewski (GTA)
  • Bill Goursky (Region of Peel/GTA)
  • Sara Jarvis (Ottawa)
  • Sean Major (Toronto)
  • Stefanie Marinich-Lee (Toronto)
  • Ann Martindale (Hamilton)
  • Doug Millman (Burk's Falls)
  • Sandra Salamon (Thunder Bay)
  • Dale Stevenson (Ottawa)
  • Marlene Thomas-Osbourne (Hamilton)
  • Susan Zaribaf (Toronto)
Entrant #38 wins $100!!

CWDO will be mailing out a cheque for $100 to

DAVID GLOBE of Belleville, Ontario. 


Thank you to all our members who submitted surveys.  This information will assist us in describing our membership to potential funders and others interested in CWDO.


Citizens With Disabilities - Ontario is pleased to present 
BMO FINANCIAL GROUP with our 2009 Partnership Award.

The Partnership Award is presented to an individual, business or organization that has most sustained the work of CWDO through working in partnership with us over the course of the year.

BMO Financial Group was a proud sponsor of our very first webinar - Registered Disability Savings Plans.  Their generous contribution has enabled us to build on our success and continue to plan, deliver, and archive webinars on topics of interest to our members.

Thank you BMO Financial Group!  We hope this will be the beginning of a long-term, mutually beneficial partnership! 

A Celebration of Disability Arts and Culture
2009 dates have been announced...

Events include:

October 3rd, Urban Space Gallery, Toronto

October 8th & 10th, Innis Town Hall, Toronto

October 14th & 15th, Columbus Centre, Toronto

Call For Submissions

2009 "Projections" Film Forum

The Abilities Arts Festival is seeking works by filmmakers with disabilities that exemplify excellence, innovation and creativity in film.
Submission Deadline: July 1, 2009

The Children's and Youth Photography and Film Exhibit

Children and youth with disabilities are invited to create and send Abilities Arts their creative masterpieces for inclusion in the photography and film exhibit that will be on display both during and after the Children's celebration.

Submission Deadline: September 18, 2009

Check out the CALL FOR ENTRIES on the Abilities Arts Festival  website for details and submission forms at

Upcoming Webinars 

Getting to Know the Disability Movement

7:30 pm, Thursday, July 16, 2009 - corrected date!

Presenter: Christine Kelly

What is the political disability movement? This Webinar will overview some of the key features of the disability movement, including important historical events in Canada, the United States and abroad as well as review the underlying philosophies of Independent Living and the social model of disability. Click here to register for the Disability Movement.


Check our website for updated information at

July - The UN Convention

: Dr. Marcia Rioux and colleagues from York University's Critical Disability Studies Master's and Doctoral programs

A webinar about the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. What is good, bad and unfortunate about the UN Convention? Will it make a difference in my life? Why is it important to ratify the Convention?

July - Healthy Eating

Presenter: Christine Malone

A webinar on healthy eating, based on the Canadian food guide.  Come and explore adaptive cooking on a  tight budget.

August - DRPI

Presenters: Dr. Marcia Rioux and colleagues from York University's Critical Disability Studies Master's and Doctoral programs

Disability Rights Promotion International (DRPI) is a collaborative project working to establish a monitoring system to address disability discrimination globally. D.R.P.I. has adopted a holistic approach to disability rights monitoring, with three focus areas: individual experiences monitoring, systemic monitoring and media monitoring.  Find out more about this work and how you can get involved.

August - What First Time Students with Disabilities going to University or College Should Know.

Presenter: Melissa Graham, CWDO Board Member and Advocate
What First Time Students with Disabilities going to University or College Should Know: The do's.  The don'ts. The tricks discovered and developed by students with disabilities currently attending Ontario universities. Learn how to make the best of university from students who have been there and done that. 

September - Re-Framing Service Issues as Human Rights Issues

: Dr. Marcia Rioux and colleagues from York University's Critical Disability Studies Master's and Doctoral programs

This webinar will explain the importance of using human rights as a framework for promoting change.  All too often, our concerns get treated as mere "service" issues, vulnerable to being dismissed.  A human rights perspective can strengthen arguments for action and lead to sweeping, systemic change. 

Check our website for updated information at

Webinar Tutorials 

Want to join in?  Not sure what to do?

Pat Seed offers tutorials every Monday evening from 6 pm to 9 pm.

Come Pat's Tutorial and learn how easy it is to connect over our on-line conferencing system.  Pat Seed is our technical support person.  She will lead you step-by-step through everything you need to know to get started.

Through the IDEAL conferencing system, you can participate in live Webinars attend our Annual General Meeting, and get involved with CWDO committees.

It's easy!  And there is no cost to you for using our system.  All you need is your own computer, keyboard and speakers.  With a microphone headset, you can chat on-line, too.

Click to go to the Members' Lounge.  Download the plug-in and join Pat in the Member's Lounge at one of the times below.  As you enter the room, type in your name, city or town and the password "members".

How to Participate  

Follow these easy steps:  
  1. Register for the Webinars you want to attend by clicking on the registration link provided.
  2. At the day/time of the event, go to the Ideal Conference Centre at  <> (We will send you a reminder if you registered.)
  3. Download the plug in following one of the options provided.
    Scroll down to Auditorium 1
  4. Enter the room by typing in your name and city or town
  5. Click "Log-in".  No password required.
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