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Citizens With Disabilities – Ontario (CWDO) is committed to the rights of all persons to participate fully in the civil, cultural, economic, political and social life of their communities.

Accessibility Standards Committee

Chair:  Sousan Zaribaf  Click here for Chair's background.

Welcome to the Accessibility Standards Committee!  We are working on raising awareness about barriers and concerns related to full participation of persons with disabilities who live and work in Ontario.

Proposed New Accessibility Standards are Now Posted

The government posted its proposed integrated Accessibility Regulation on September 2, 2010. Their proposed regulation outlines the content of a new accessibility regulation that will address three areas of standards:


  • accessible information & communications;
  • accessible employment; and
  • accessible transportation.


For your reference, here is a link to the regulatory registry, where it is posted.

The public review period is only 45 days long and comments are due to the Minister on October 16, 2010.  CWDO is organizing a response, and will invite our members to provide input.  Members may also wish to respond as individuals. The AODA Alliance has copies of the standards as submitted by the Standards Development Committees to the government.  These are included in the links below.  CWDO work on these standards is also included below.  The links are organized by topic. 

Information and Communications

What CWDO Will Consider When Reviewing the Summary of the Government's Proposed Accessibility Standards: 

  1. Will the Government’s proposed integrated accessibility standard ensure that by 2025, persons with disabilities will have barrier-free full accessibility in employment, information and communication, and transportation? The AODA requires that Ontario become fully accessible by 2025. These accessibility standards are the key means for getting us there.
  2. Does the summary of the proposed integrated accessibility standard cover all the barriers that persons with disabilities face in these three areas? Does it ensure their effective removal and prevention?
  3. Does the summary of the proposed integrated accessibility standard include reasonable time lines?
  4. Is the proposed integrated accessibility standard effectively enforceable?
  5.  Does the proposed integrated accessibility standard at least include all the entitlements for persons with disabilities that were included in the proposals submitted to the government by the three SDC's, the ones that addressed transportation, information and communication, and employment?
  6. Does the government’s summary of its proposed integrated accessibility standard incorporate the feedback we gave the Government in the areas of accessibility of transportation, information tnd communication, and employment?

Economic Benefits to Accessibility

Did you know that accessibility can be a boost to the economy?

  • An accessible Ontario attracts more tourism, more business and becomes a destination of choice for business, commerce, residents and travelers.
  • Accessible businesses have an edge over their competition, claiming higher market shares.
  • Accessible workplaces mean more people will be able to work, return to work or continue working.  This means fewer people will need to rely on ODSP and will be able to pay a higher share of taxes as wage earners.

To learn more about the economic benefits to accessibility, and crunch the numbers for yourself, read the report by the Martin Prosperity Institute released on June 14, 2010.

Independent Review of the AODA

CWDO's Current Focus

Our current focus is on Ontario's Accessibility Standards:

We are also monitoring Federal standards for transportation:

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A positive editorial citing some of the right reasons for setting standards for accessibility.  We recognize the rationale voice of Durham Region News. 

Helping Employers Expand Their Talent Pool - Ontario is partnering with the Business Takes Action project to create opportunities for people with disabilities and help employers make their workplaces more accessible.


Toronto Port Authority proposes an underground tunnel and pedestrian walkway to its Island airport, but so far it looks like accessibility for travellers is not part of the plan.  Link to: Toronto Star news article (August 24, 2009) and Toronto Star news article (August 24, 2009)


Ontario Seeks Input On Draft Accessibility Standard - The Built Environment


With more member involvement, we could do more!

Our Committees always welcome new members who share CWDO’s mission and values.  We meet as needed, using the IDEAL Conference® system.

To join this Committee and to find out the next meeting date, please contact the Committee Chair.   You must first be a member of CWDO to join a committee, and have the Chair’s approval. 

If you are new, you will need to complete and send us a Membership Form.

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Last updated September 2, 2010